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How to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

Pets are wonderful to have around! They spread happiness around the house and are always there to welcome you whenever you come home. But every pet owner knows when it comes to keeping the house clean and tidy, pet hair can be a major issue. While removing hair from leather furniture is rather easy, dealing with hair stuck on a fabric couch is a whole other ballgame. Read below to learn a few tricks to keep your furniture clean and pet hair free.


METHOD 1: Rubber Gloves

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This one is quite easy. All you need is a pair of rubber gloves that you would normally use while doing the dishes. Wear the gloves, Put the gloves on, and rub your hands on the surface of the fabric.

The friction between the gloves and the fabric will bring out the pet hair so it’s easier to clean.


METHOD 2: Use a Lint Roller (you can make one yourself!)

A lint roller is a pretty handy gadget but with a pet around all the time, it might be expensive to keep a number of them on hand. Luckily, you can make one yourself!

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Take any cylindrical object (such as the inside cardboard cylinder of a tissue roll, and wrap it in duck tape. Of course make sure the sticky side of the duck tape is pointing outwards. Once the whole cylinder is covered in tape, roll it on the couch and the tape will stick to all the fur and take it out.

Since the duck tape can only hold so much fur, you probably will need to add another layer on top of the first one and repeat the step until you’re satisfied.


METHOD 3: Use Fabric Softener


When your vacuum machine can't seem to do the trick? You can use fabric softener to help! put one tablespoon of fabric softener in a spray bottle and mix with water (around 500ml). Spray the fabric and let it settle for a few minutes, then vacuum. The fabric softener will help untangle the hair from the fabric, making it easier to remove.


If you think those tips are still too much trouble, you can always get leather furniture. Remember we offer upholstery services so you can upgrade your existing furniture. Or you can check our Living Rooms collection and choose leather fabric that you and your furry friend can enjoy, hassle-free!

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